"The great law of culture is let each become all that s/he was created capable of being..."

Thomas Carlyle

Solution Generators Network‘s mission is to inspire coalitions to join together and help implement tested solutions to our economic and social problems. We seek points of leverage where networks of talented, passionate people can generate solutions and move them into implementation. SGN a nonprofit based in Durham, NC, that helps incubate worker owned co-ops and hopes to bring more collaborative thinking into all arenas.

Issues and Solutions:
Community Wealth Building

Since research shows that employing locals has a greater sustained impact on urban prosperity than any other public initiative, our approach strengthens relationships, builds goodwill in the community and builds greater social and financial stability for both.
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Goldleaf Co-operatives

Goldleaf is an initiative designed to create jobs for difficult to employ people and to give them equity in their work through worker-owned co-ops.  Goldleaf is a project designed to create “shared value” for community anchors ( businesses like Universities or hospials that are unlikely to move), funders, civic leaders, underemployed residents, and the community as a whole.
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Our Services

We offer facilitation services to groups trying to creatively address their challenges and achieve consensus about how to move forward. Dynamic Facilitation (DF) and Wisdom Councils are our chief tools. DF is a way to address difficult emotional issues creatively and collaboratively and achieve unity on what to do. Wisdom Councils are made up of small groups that have been randomly selected to represent a larger group on a particular issue.
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